This action will be focused in the procurement, construction, sensoring, test and data management of the demonstrators. Those demonstrators have been selected in order to have different types of buildings and situations: new building and retrofitted.

The process to build the construction will follow EU Green Public Procurement criteria.

During construction, the process will be controlled to follow guidelines to achieve NZEB with low carbon footprint. After construction the buildings will be tested in terms of structural resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation, ventilation and air quality.

All the energy consumption and emissions of the demonstrators will be compared with the situation before the construction. In new projects the NZEB with low carbon footprint will be compared with a standard building with the same shape and characteristics of the demonstrator building.

This action has the following sub-actions:

B 3.1: Green public procurement:

The contract of the NZEB construction will be developed using Green Public Procurement criteria. This process will ensure the selection of the environmental option and cost-effective solution taken into account unusual indicators such as:

- Sustainability certifications and labelling of construction company, according to ISO 26000,

- Experience in construction of NZEB or Passive House standards,

- Certification and labelling of the construction materials used in their buildings,

- Improvement of the expected environmental and economic goals expressed in the construction project,

- Inclusion of disability workers in the construction company,

- Gender equality in the construction company.

B 3.2: Construction of demonstrator buildings:

This sub-action will be focused on the construction of the demonstrators. In this stage will be key the building control during construction in order to follow the criteria marked during the previous actions of the project. The construction control will involve the following tasks:

- Video recording of the construction process.

- To weight all the materials in-site. It will be a scale to check construction materials and ensure the use of the exact amount of materials and proportions.

- Weekly reviews of the materials used. This process will ensure avoid any deviation of the marked plan.

- Visit to the construction twice per month. Those visits will plan the following works and detect possible errors.

- Final construction checks. Before the construction finish, the technicians of the project will develop the thermal, acoustic and air leakage tests to check the construction process results.

B 3.3: Sensoring and control system of the demonstrators:

This sub-action will be focused on the design and placement of sensoring and control system in demonstrators. Those sensors will measure the main consumptions and comfort data to ensure the accomplishment with NZEB criteria.

This system will broadcast the building data on-live in order to provide recommendations to the user to improve their behaviour. This info will be useful to compare the real results with the simulations and detect deviations to improve the process in the future.