on 08 Jan 2024 11:00 AM
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The students - workers from extremeño companies linked to the construction sector, through the Innovation and Talent Plus Program in which INTROMAC participates as a training center, visit the works of the three social housing that the Junta de Extremadura is building in Ribera del Fresno through the European project LIFE RenaturalNZEB and which constitutes a new prototype of homes with low environmental impact.




The students - workers had the opportunity to inform themselves through the staff of the public company URVIPEXSA, responsible for the works, and learn more about the experience of using new technologies in construction based on natural and recycled materials, as they say: the Block of Tierra Compressed, placed in walls and bovedas; the panels of glass fibers and wood fibers, placed in the hollows; or certified wooden structure.

INTROMAC is one of the partners of the LIFE RenaturalNZEB project, which advocates for a green and circular economy in the construction sector, with the use of construction technologies made with natural and local material resources that can serve to: reduce embedded energy or carbon dioxide associated with buildings; define a model of «Null Energy Consumption Buildings and also of Natural Character»; improve the regional economy and social opportunities in the regions participating in the project.