Solar Innova is made up of a group of companies specialized in the comprehensive development of photovoltaic solar energy products. They are manufacturers and marketers of photovoltaic solar equipment. Solar Innova has its own manufacturing plants and its goal is to reduce its carbon footprint, providing customers with energy savings, consuming less energy and thus contributing to improving the environment.





The SOLBLOC Company is a manufacturer and distributor of compressed earth blocks for its application in bioconstruction and bioclimatic architecture. They can be used in masonry factories, whether they are exposed and coated facades, load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures, walls and interior partitions. These blocks are a high-quality and eco-friendly building material.

Since 2008, there is a standard in Spain that defines compressed earth blocks for masonry factories. The UNE 41410:2008, of AENOR, establishes the benefits that the BTC must comply with and the own tests to determine them. The BTC SOLBLOC are produced according to this standard.





CEXITI is a corporation of public law and professional nature, recognized by the State, with full legal personality for the fulfillment of its purposes and is governed by its statutes. It is characterized by the spirit of service to its members, companies and institutions, and individuals, facilitating and supporting the exercise of the profession, with a commitment to change and permanent adaptation. The Extremadura Council of Industrial Technical Engineering has its own purposes that are attributed to it by the current legislation of Professional Associations of State and Autonomous Community, ensuring the correct exercise of the profession as a guarantee of the rights of citizens.





COADE is a Public Law corporation, protected by Law and recognized by the State, with its own legal personality and full capacity to fulfill its purposes. It is made up of all the Architects who, meeting all the conditions required by the General Statute of the Profession, are admitted to it.





ECOCLAY is a manufacturer and distributor of an innovative wall covering, which uses natural clays as a base without additives obtained from a deposit in Teruel. Used in bioconstruction for its innumerable technical and decorative qualities, ecoclay clays can be used to achieve insulating effects, or achieve endless decorative possibilities that are distinguished by their originality. It can be used as an insulating material, it has important sound-absorbing characteristics, and it naturally regulates the relative humidity of the environment. ECOCLAY is a company that has always worked for sustainability and respect for the environment, and for this it has a team of engineers and geologists in charge of supervising reforestation and modeling of the landscape in which they carry out their activity.





EUROCORK ALMENDRAL, S.L., bases the main activity of its company on the manufacture of natural cork granules, in a wide range of particle sizes and densities for the manufacture of both cavas/champagne and wine stoppers, as well as footwear (platforms, heels, insoles ,...), construction and bio-construction (blowing, chamber filling, mortar manufacturing, spraying,...), etc.

The work of EUROCORK ALMENDRAL, S.L begins with the extraction of the cork in the field by a team of qualified extractors where these corks receive an entry code that will accompany them through each and every one of the different production processes depending on the final product that want to be manufactured, which in addition to ensuring its traceability, serves to have it identified at all times by laboratory personnel, who will carry out continuous sampling under the most rigorous and modern quality controls.





ACCIONA is a global company with a business model built around sustainability and the objective of successfully responding to the greatest global challenges, such as global warming, overpopulation and water scarcity. Challenges for which it designs solutions in renewable energy, resilient infrastructures, management and treatment of water and services.

ACCIONA has significant activity in five technologies: wind, solar photovoltaic, hydraulic, biomass and solar thermal.

Regarding their work with Biomass, they have executed the first plant in Spain designed to use mixed biomass, both herbaceous (corn cane) and woody (pruning and forest residues), which represents a major logistical and technology, since it allows diversifying the fuel supply. This plant was developed as an R&D project in collaboration with companies and technology centers from Spain, Finland and Denmark, with the support of the VII Framework Program to support research from the European Union. It uses 110,000 tons of field residues per year and 123,000 tons are avoided. CO2 emissions per year.

ACCIONA uses the ashes that originate from the burning of biomass as agricultural fertilizers, but also for the manufacture of cement, mortar and ceramic elements.





Ence Energía y Celulosa is a company that is firmly committed to respecting the environment and sustainability in all its operations, as well as promoting the bioeconomy. Its activity is based on the use of raw materials of biological, renewable and native origin. With these natural products, we manufacture pulp of the highest quality with which a variety of paper products for daily use are produced, respectful of the natural environment and recyclable, which make our lives easier.

Ence is the leading company in Spain in the production of renewable energy with forest and agricultural biomass.





FUNDECYT-PCTEX is a private foundation of the public sector, non-profit, with a fundamental objective: the structuring of the Extremadura Science and Technology System by contributing to the socioeconomic use of science and technology, supporting and promoting its development and management for achieve better use of research and innovation, stimulating the participation of civil society and mobilizing its resources.