on 12 Oct 2021 12:00 AM
  • Construction
  • environment
  • sustainability

As concerns about sustainability, efficiency, and well-being continue to grow, the construction industry must not only continue to embrace new technologies, processes, and materials, but must also continue to address the many challenges facing the existing building stock. . In this sense, the aim of the first CEES international conference was to bring together researchers, engineers, planners, stakeholders and policymakers from construction, energy and the environment to address these challenges.

To this end, the CEES 2021 international congress hosted a wide range of multidisciplinary topics, organized into six general themes:

1. Construction materials and technologies.
2. Physics of construction.
3. Energy.
4. Environment.
5. Construction and industry 4.0.
6. Policies and community challenges.

In this context, CICYTEX presented a written communication in article format to the congress and, subsequently, made its corresponding oral presentation, in relation to the characterization of natural materials for use in buildings with a low carbon footprint.